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Whether you wish to immerse yourself in a high fantasy encounter, surrounded by elves or prefer to live out a more grounded, everyday dream scenario of yours, our Roleplay Mistresses will look after you and immerse you in whichever world you decide to visit; only at DeSade. 

When reality doesn’t cut it anymore, you need DeSade

DeSade has been a domination specific agency based in London for over 9 years, providing you with the highest quality and most immersive domination experiences in the entire capital. Whether you seek the ultimate over-stimulation and destruction of your body by a commanding mistress that puts your entire self into their domain for their fun and pleasure or you’re looking for a more intimate but equally intense roleplay session where you can act out your fantasy scenario with anyone in your life, DeSade is the place to be for all sorts of domination. 

The world of BDSM and roleplay is an overwhelming one. Heaps of terminology fog the view as you navigate through the confusing mountains of abbreviations and intimidating looking equipment that could be compared to medieval torture equipment to the untrained eye, it’s easy to get lost in the world - even if you think of yourself as a seasoned veteran of the arts. This is why one of the best decisions you can make when looking to get into BDSM is to book a DeSade domination escort or Mistress to guide your hand down this kinky path. 

Be pampered by the best of the best 

It’s no hidden truth that a roleplay service by itself is in no way an uncommon sight to behold. Countless escort agencies list roleplay as one of the services they offer and that is what sets us apart from the rest. These agencies do not lie, they definitely offer roleplay as a service, but for DeSade, roleplay is more of a building block of everything we class as great domination services. 

DeSade Roleplay Mistresses take their (and your) immersion to the next level by completely dedicating themselves to the role selected for the encounter and staying in said character unless explicitly told otherwise. This is for a few reasons: First of all, all of our roleplay escorts actually really enjoy the act of roleplaying - otherwise, they wouldn’t be offering it! - and furthermore, get quite a lot of satisfaction from allowing you to become immersed in your deepest, darkest fantasies. 

Our Mistresses will always arrive promptly on time and with all the prearranged toys, equipment and costumes agreed upon by you and the call handler when booking your date. Every single one of our Roleplay Mistresses come equipped with a whole arsenal of toys and costumes that they can dress up in and use for your and their enjoyment. If your request includes anything that our Mistresses may not have, you are still more than welcome to supply that yourself for your date so that they may continue doing what they do best: making you happy. 

A mouthwatering selection in every direction! 

While providing an outstanding roleplay service may be one of the most important foundation factors of a great BDSM or domination experience, it is not the only one, that’s for certain. When looking for a great domination escort, you tend to first prioritise the service which they offer - after all that is what sets them apart from the rest of the escorts - but sometimes, if you’re seeking a specific fantasy to fulfil, not every girl may be the best choice for your date. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why DeSade strives to leave no stone or pebble unturned as we continue our search for every single domination escort in the greater area of London and compile a gallery of Mistresses, Switches and Subs alike that simply cannot be matched by anyone else in the entire world. We believe that an abundance of choice is one of the best privileges a client could have, especially in the world of escorting where your choice makes such a difference in the outcome. 

How to book a Roleplay Mistress from DeSade? 

Booking an escort can be a rather gruelling task when not looked after by the right people. Rude and unhelpful receptionists, shifty practices and hidden fees are only a few of the factors that can turn a standard Saturday night into a nightmare, especially when you’re trying to book a companion after a night of partying. This is why with DeSade, we have strived to perfect the booking process so that you may enjoy the presence of our beautiful girls at no extra stress on your part. 

With DeSade, simply browse one of our intoxicatingly beautiful galleries for some of the most attractive roleplay Mistresses - or anything else you may fancy - and once you have picked a girl (or two) that you’d like to spend a date with, simply give us a call on our contact number which can be found at the top right of our website or book through our online booking form which can be found at the same place. 

When called, you will be met by one of our helpful, English speaking call handlers who will guide you through the booking process and tell you everything you need to know before your date begins. You will also have a chance during this call to submit any questions, queries or special requests you may have for your date or handler; so if you have any costumes or toys in mind, this is your chance to make your voice heard! 

Once you have done this, you can rest easy because there is nothing left to do except prepare for your date and enjoy it! 


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