Whether it’s been a long week or a long day our sessions will get your mind off of that world and you will enter in to the world of De Sade, a London escorts agency where female domination rules. In the other world you are at the top of your game and the boss, but with us, your London dominatrix, is the boss.

This will be the thrill of your week. Choose from our selective group of Mistresses, whom specialize in female domination, to tantalize all of your senses.

Do you have a rubber fetish? Bondage fetish? Foot fetish? We already see that we will get along nicely if you do. Under our control you will do exactly as we desire. Relax, we're professionals and will respect your limits, so you're safe, but beware, this will hurt so good.

We take all of your issues and challenges and clean them up for you, recycling the issues in to a newfound shininess that only our BDSM escorts can offer. Our ladies are finding ways to tease and torment your physical person with minimal evidence on your body. It’s the perfect scenario as we believe that all BDSM play should be safe and consensual, but the pain of it all will be yours to enjoy. Your London Mistress encounter allows you to bring your own play toys for your pain and pleasure. There are healing powers in every stroke between mistress and slave. Luckily we are trained to know the precise place that will make you shiver with excitement and anticipation, no matter what toy is available.

A gentle caress or a harsh stroke, it’s all the same to our Mistresses. You are the submissive one and what she says goes. Between mistress and slave, the goal is to bring a profound experience that you will think about when you’re not in her presence. You will want and desire more and your Mistress will be available.

We realize that this is a two-way communication relationship and your relationship can vary from sadistic and cruel to lovingly sensual. Once you step in to our threshold of submission your senses will come alive.

There is a certain style to being a London dominatrix. Not only do our attitudes exude dominance, but our wardrobes will leave you panting as you are allowed to touch the rubber bodysuit or the bottom of the leather high heels. After we’re done you will remember the smell of fresh rubber and the feel of the leather against your body.

Entertaining men, women, and couples can be exhausting, so be sure to join your London mistress ready to submit. We are available for your personal pleasure and dark desires or for you to learn something new, our female domination escorts will get you on the right path. Submissive ladies are always a fun treat, so don’t be shy, there is plenty of attention for you too.

Don't forget: Gift giving is a gracious way to show your gratitude, joy, and submission. You'll be rewarded handsomely with a personalized session to meet your specific needs and to expand your desires. Besides English, we allow you to submit to our demands in French.

Book us now and let's get started. Don't make us wait for long. Remember to treat us with the utmost respect so we can continue to have a spanking good time.

Contact us now, obediently.


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Welcome to the world of De Sade! Here you will find mistresses suitable for hard bdsm sessions to the more mild and sensual domination, you will find it all.

Exclusive! Mistress Vanessa Sin is back in London May 7th - 17th. With years of experience under her belt she has a reputation of a superb Mistress who can accommodate almost any scenario. Her feedback is constantly excellent and we cannot recommend her highly enough. Highly recommended!

NEW photos! The amazing Mistress Alex has surprised us again with her creativity and beauty. Just a glimpse on her new photos and you will be smitten. 

NEW! Mia Switch. A "dirty girl with perverted mind” with a taste for extreme sessions, she will take you on a journey that you haven’t experienced before. Mia Switch is something else! Available weekends in Canary Wharf.

NEW! Sensual and sexy, Mistress Tiffany is a lady of many talents. Playful, enthusiastic, intuitive and down to earth, Mistress Tiffany will go out of her way to fulfil all your desires.

NEW! Mistress Andrea is new in London and she is excited to show what she is capable of. A kinky fetish Mistress who loves what she does and will make you feel as ease as soon as you meet her.


  • Very intriguing
    Mistress Siena

    English Mistress Sienna is naturally demanding and assertive. Mixed with a sensual side, Mistress Sienna will have you heeling at her feet and begging to take you to unimaginable heights of lust and ecstasy. Highly recommended! 

  • An expert in sissification
    Mistress Scarlett

    She is eloquent, educated and highly experienced Mistress in all aspects of BDSM, fetish and roleplay and has a fully equipped private dungeon and crossdressing facility to abuse you in. Please note that Mistress Scarlett needs to be booked in advance.